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Been There, Done That

We’re your kind of people, type-A people, pressure-tested professionals who know and love the film industry. Our backgrounds are diverse—a 25 plus year veteran of production shipping, an equipment rental maven with skills in the special handling requirements of high-tech photographic equipment, and people with extensive, real-life production experience.

We bring to every project hands-on expertise in configuring cargo for air, truck and ocean shipping. We apply our special knowledge of routing, scheduling, local and international customs regulations, and of charter aircraft. We know how to get you the best shipment routing, and of ways to plan the fastest route through regulatory requirements, at home and abroad.

We bring total logistical support to every project.

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We know your job isn’t 9 to 5, so ours isn’t, either. If you need someone 24/7, you’ve got someone 24/7. We’ll work with you to deal with the craziness of changing schedules, and of helping you to cope with everything the industry tosses at you every day. We’ll work with you during prep, on location, and through post. In short, we understand that you’re a juggler, forced to keep many balls in the air. We’ll make sure that the shipping ball is always under control.

Sure, you could probably do all this yourself, and you could probably process dailies in a bathtub too… but why would you ever want to?


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Batman Begins


I will be traveling out of the country with my equipment, are there any special documents I will need?

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